Our client ranges from global multinationals with large structural organization, to local conglomerates, and to start-ups and emerging growth companies with lean & direct impact contributors.


Our services range from CEO recruitment, executive search, middle-management recruitment, and recruitment outsourcing projects, to board consulting & Director Search.


For higher level of efficiency & increase focus & expertise, we are organized into sector practice and functional practice.

Sector Practice
As our clients operate in various industries, we have specialist organized into difference sector of focus. These include the Technology & Telecommunication sector, Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector, Petrochemical and O&G industry, and Financial Services.


Functional Practice
While we have specialist in the various industries, we also have specialists on functional practice in the area of Human Resource & Development, and Finance & Accounting.


Recruitment Outsourcing Projects
For a new set-up with a burst of hiring requirements in a short span of time, such as the setting up of a new plant, a new Software Development centre set-up, a new shared services centre set-up, etc., we partner with our client and offer a project base recruitment outsourcing services to design and implement a best fit recruitment drive strategies that optimizes the hiring cost & resources, while meeting business execution timeframe.

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